Use of technology to solve your situation.

When solving your problem.

  • Define the problem!  completely, clearly.
  • Do not pick a technology before knowing the problem.

The problem description usually suggests the solution methods.  The answers to the when, where, how often and who questions will point to the technological platform best made for solving this type of situation.

Then look for an expert in that technology to help you.


Some of those technologies that we know and use, but hide from you (usless you really want to know this stuff), are:

OSS, SOA, Web Services, ESB, SOAP, UDDI, XML, XSL, JDOM, DOM, SAX, JAX/x, JMX, RPC, EJB, CGI, PHP, BPM, BPEL, BPEL4WS, W3C, XHTML, DHTML, SQL, JDO, Hibernate, JDA, DTA , JDBC, MVC, UI, SWT, AWT, Swing, applets, servlets, CMS, etc. etc. etc.

Aren't you glad you do not need to know all that stuff.