GTD vs Project

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Project Management software needs to be combined with "Get Things Done" / "Time Management (TM) Techniques/software.

Here is the situation:

  • I have to use Microsoft Project at work.  Do not even start with me!  I tried to talk them out of it and/or into anything else.
  • For my clients and other companies, I need a better Project Management system and software.  It needs to be mult-company, multi-personel, multi-tasking, viewable on role-function-membership basis and accessed across the web.
  • I really need personal time management software.  A PDA with smarts to help me broker my time.  My Palm V was better at it then the modern crop of smartphones.  I need this on all the platforms that surround me.  Desktop, laptop, mobile and cloud.
  • It needs to know my personal and work (and other) lives.  That they are together and they are separate.
  • vWorkers: Project would tell me/you that vWorkers are needed.  TM would monitor them and remind me to check in on them.
  • Others besides me must want this same thing.  Document all this in a way (todo = start a drupal book-pages) so the datatable can be sorted, slice-dice.
  • The bots, agents and vWorkers are sitting idle because I have no way except manually to pass on jobs, tasks, steps, etc.

Here is the list of important features any Time Management software should have:

  • Sync: I must be able to sync to a server and all other platforms and programs.
  • Multi-catagory: It can't be one big todo list.  My multi-tasking mostly needs to be covered-up from myself.  When in 'work on X" time is happening then only X tasks should be seen.  These have to be unlimited depth catagories, user editable and able to cross-link to related or later projects.
  • Journaling: (a big one) I need to make notes of what I did and have them findable quickly.  I use Evernote right now to document what/how I did things.  Any TM not only tells me what to do, I need it to record what/where/how I did it and make that researchable by itself and/or me.
  • Reports: (nice to have) It would be great to record the hours spent on a task and later have the filled into time sheets and client billing.  dot.project can do that, but need it more universal.
  • Quick research projects:  I want/need to put into the in-basket (GTD-wise) the interupting idea that I just had.  A quick start new task/project button that does not take lots of work and time.  A mindmap UI would be good because I can go straight to a new leaf off any node and add a thought.  That needs to turn into a task
  • Goals: The big picture needs capturing.  The ideal result needs to be in sight, but not just another task due on Tuesday.  Able to work the top-down to the little steps needed and projected.
  • Repeated tasks: Sounds simple, but most GTD/TM/project software can't have a repeating task (e.g. file status report)
  • Workflows: need to have bots/agents that can learn parts of workflows to automate most of the inbetween steps.  Eventually, I want nightly operations to do the workflows as far as they can and report the progress.  Adjusting my schedule by what they get done.
  • Cross-platform workflows: edits to one apps data needs to migrate to all other platforms and applications.  Mindmaps to UML to VCS to TM to Project to emails to agents (co-workers).  Widgets, notifications and alerts need one-button solutions.
  • MyLyn type task-switcher:  Just like MyLyn (and TaskTop) did at GWDI, I need complete task context saved, packed up and switched to a restored previous context.
  • Connectors: VCS, database, issue trackers, MyLyn, project, dot.project, TM, UML, etc., for Android, Windows, Web.
  • Mashups: all the above are looking for mash-up-ablity in every package to add value.  Be adaptable and versital.
  • ALTs: I have multiple personalities and need a TM for personal, work, RS, band, family, etc.

Here is the start of a list of all the software I can find that might make the above work:  [need todo a datatable comparing features of all programs:)]

  • The major list is at these people are great and you/I should use their site to find your best and any new ones.  They push TRO "Total Relased Organization" which is a great idea and I really wish to get there.
  • Shuffle: OSS, sync does not work right or now. server = eclipse lib. problems
  • DFtM: Don't forget the Milk.
  • M$ project: The Standard.  no multi-tasking.  My version is not team, outlook nor use friendly.
  • OpenProj: OSS, trouble reading Project 2010 XML
  • GTDify:
  • Freemind, Mindmap,
  • Bonsai: outliner connected to calendar
  • MyLyn: research for non-eclipse
  • M$ Outlook: because it is on this work computer.
  • M$ Project extensions and add-ons: research it. maybe there are some out there.
  • Copernic agent: needs expanding to do research and place it in reports and workflows.
  • Evernote: notes available on all platforms
  • flashcards: learning, tutoring, finding answers, maybe present answers or attemptable solutions lists
  • read later ( to save lists of URLs. need catagorized bookmarks too.